• Inspired by her brother?s short-lived dance experience as well as her own observations from her 15-year dance career, Averie Severs searches for the answer as to why young boys are pushed out of the dance world. Twinkle Toes is an explorative documentary where the filmmaker, Averie, participates in a dialogue with fellow dancers and choreographers about some of the inequalities and issues within the dance world. With the analysis of various dance routines, this film is bound to make you think about how gender truly plays a part in dance and other aspects of life.  
  • Kathryn Wiltshire and Madison Hurrell are two professional dancers from Toronto. In the peak of the pandemic with all their work lost, these ladies took advantage of their artistic flare and came together to create an eye opening documentary. Lights. Camera. Cancelled is an interview-style film that brings awareness to the hardships faced within the Entertainment Industry during this time. For Kathryn and Madison, the main goal in creating this documentary, is to make it known that Arts and Entertainment are indeed essential. Not only in a global pandemic, but ALWAYS.  
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