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  • In the echoes of goodbye, a whisper of grace, I find a path to a brighter space. Though it hurts to part from what's been known, A better future, from these seeds, is grown. The toxic love, its chapter ends, A journey of healing, where the heart amends. You played your part, a painful art, Now, in release, I heal my heart. . . . "Pain's Pas de Deux," a captivating creation by Melanin Mosaic Performance Ensemble under the visionary direction of Founder and Artistic Director Jarid Polite, unfolds the intricate choreography of emotions as two hearts entwine and unravel amidst the melancholic backdrop of "Autumn Tears", a song written and performed by the amazingly talented Tamara Grace (MTL). Their pas de deux, a dance for two, is born of heartache and longing, painting a poignant portrait of shattered memories. It encapsulates the anguish of farewell while delicately exploring the elusive art of healing. As they confront the echoes of their shared history, this duet reveals the bittersweet beauty of letting go and finding solace amidst the changing season, retracing steps of joy and regret.

    Jarid Polite - Artistic Director Rodney Thomas - Creative Director Tamara Grace - Music and Vocal Performance Ryan Lopez - Dancer / Choreographer Michael Mortley - Dancer / Choreographer Laura King - Director Of Photography Adrian Crespo - First Assistant Camera Richard Reyes - On-Set Photographer Chris Kennedy - Production Coordinator KR Moore - Post-Audio Engineer

    Special Thank you to Jasper Jacobs and the entire staff of the Toronto Dance Foundation/ Winchester Theatre

    "Autumn Tears" by Tamara Grace (available wherever music is sold)

    Melanin Mosaic Performance Ensemble: Where Vibrant Cultures Unite! We are more than performers; we are storytellers. Through the mesmerizing art of color guard and dance, we weave tales of resilience, celebration, and heritage within the African diaspora. Join us as we redefine visual performance, taking our passion beyond the gym floor, and exploring the magic of film and stage. Embracing diversity, empowering artists, and sparking meaningful conversations, Melanin Mosaic invites you to witness the beauty of culture through our artistic lens. Come, be part of our mosaic!

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  • A Dance Film about Epilepsy.
    Making Sense of Something That Doesn't Make Sense is a compilation of dance pieces physicalizing stories and sensations associated with being Epileptic. The film is set in Toronto's Little Norway Park, the location of Morgan Stasiewicz's, Artistic Director, location of her final 3 seizures. This film features 6 unique and visually spectacular short films choreographed and adapted for film by Morgan Stasiewicz in association with the dancers. Making Sense was produced in March 2022 which is Epilepsy Awareness month and marked Stasiewicz's 5-year seizure-free milestone.

    All information about the film can be found at

    Aura - Performed by Abbey Richens.
    A phenomenon found in meditation and in the moments leading up to a seizure. This feeling of your mind being separate from your body. An Aura, whether it?s within your control or not, is seeing yourself from within.

    Static - Performed by Hailey Gardiner.
    We?ve all felt the shock of static. In epilepsy, a seizure is the misfiring of electricity in the brain that affects the entire body. This piece is a representation of the body reacting to abnormal brain activity, similar to if your entire being was filled with static electricity.

    Signals - Performed by Isa Estrada.
    The nervous system is a series of pathways connecting the brain to your body. Our brains send out signals that trigger our rhythmic heartbeat and the way our body moves along with in. Even when having a seizure, the heart keeps beating.

    Tracks - Performed by Maggie Lucas.
    The juxtaposition of being most in control when surrounded by chaos. The power of taking what you need in any moment. The calm of tuning out to tune in. Blissfully listening to your music and thoughts while on a busy subway.

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  • A dance film about dance in 2020 choreographed and filmed entirely over Zoom.
    The piece is an edit-free screen recording of a Zoom call featuring 13 York University Dance students in their homes, local dance studios and York University dorms. The film was a finale of the dance film showcase, Dance Innovations in 2020. The original score was written by Morgan and Jacob Stasiewicz specifically for this project, titled Evolving Stages and A Cry for Help.

    What does dance look like in 2020?
    How can we be together when apart?

    Performers: Zuri Skeete, Zoe Harrington, Travis Keith, Rosie Halpin, Phoebe Harrington, Mackenzie Graham, Kelsey Bonvie, Emilie Brunelle, Blythe Russel, Abbey Richens, Devyn Rappaport, Kerry Halpin and Nicole Faithfull.

    Music: "Evolving Stages" and "A Cry for Help"
    Written by: Morgan Stasiewicz and Jacob Stasiewicz

    Thank you to my incredible dancers for your commitment, open-mindedness and creativity. You've proven that not only can we dance together when apart, but you've also proven there is value in the struggles of dance in 2020.  
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